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Lubes, Cleaners, Storage Oh My!

It can feel overwhelming when shopping for sex toys or accessories. I’ve been there. How do you know if the silicone lube is safe for your silicone dildo (it’s not btw) or if the vibe you bought can really be cleaned with the random sex toy cleaner you already have or just soap and water?


When shopping for sex toys it’s important to keep some questions in the back of your mind:


What is the product made of? 

What kind of lube works with that material? 

What kind of cleaner is safe for that material? 

How can/will it be stored? 


Lube, cleaning products and storing sex toys are all very important in the life of your toy. If you don’t take proper care of your toy it can lead to a sticky gooey mess and not in a good way. Using the wrong lube can ruin your new sex toy before you even get a chance to enjoy it.  You need a different lube for different materials or invest in water based so it’s safe for all your toys and your body. The lubes that are carried in MTD are safe for all toys and body types. 


Cleaning: You can’t just run cold water over your toy and throw it in the top drawer for later. It’s important to have a cleaner that will disinfectant your toy and is safe for your body. Your toy should be cleaned before the first use and after each session (solo or coupled), dried completely, be put in a storage bag, THEN put in the top drawer for later use. When storing toys it is important to keep the storage bag that comes with the toy if there is one or buy your own (coming soon to MTD).  When I was younger, and before the internet was so all encompassing, I had no idea what do to and wasted a lot of money by not storing my toys correctly. Just throwing them in a drawer with no protection from each other caused my silicone products to get sticky and discolored, ie: not sexy at all! 


We strive to keep our products simple so there’s no confusion in what lube or cleaner is safe for your toys.  Always ask if you have a question, we love to help!

Love and Light,

Mommy A

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