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The Mommies behind Mommy’s

We're moms, we get it, sometimes you don't have time for yourself or the energy to make time for yourself, let alone take a shower.  We wanted to create a space that makes you want  "me time" (or "us time") and make it a priority and pleasurable.

Developed by women, for women to shop comfortably and conveniently from their own pajamas (or lingerie). Knowing the pressure of the world on us all, we wanted to give every woman the opportunity to relieve stress and find or rediscover her sexuality or just Netflix and chill. On this site, not only do we offer pajamas and sexy outfits but we also have a growing collection of adult toys and books for women and moms. Take your pleasure into your own hands, because if you don’t, who will?

We strive to use USA made products and stay affordable, however in some cases we have found suitable substitutes that we believe will still meet your expectation.